Optimize your goal setting

Keep your goal settings effective.

Dreaming about the end result of you goal? Of course, its normal, the process on the other hand is way harder to accomplish. 

The process is full of surprises, think about those new years resolutions, how many have failed to succeed couple days, weeks or months after.

Rather focus on the negative, or even have a strict attack plan. Finding your true why, is the core of your motivation. Establishing a purpose, a flexible plan rather putting all its energy in the end goal.

Heres 5 steps to ease what you really desire

Write everything down 

  1. What are your goals

It can be related to anything, work, performance, school, money or other.

2.Where are your starting from

Be honest of what status quo you stand on, how far are you from reaching these goals. Realistically , how close are you to reach it.

3.What are your ressources and team support

Do you have a family and friends who encourage your goals? Do you have anybody like a coach, a spouse, a best friend, with who you can be accountable ?

What gym, equipment can you have access to?

All these can factor will play a role in your motivation and lifestyle choice leading to the process of reaching your goal.

4. What or who is limiting you

How many times have you wanted this same of similar goal ? What has broken the process?

Who is giving you a hard time concentrate or being poison with you ? How can you change that situation ?

What could happen in the next months that may de-rail you from your journey ? Can you prepare for it not to happen ? Or can you do damage control and come back right in.

5.How are you going to use your ressources and your support from were you are starting from.

Every cake has its recipe, but there’s more then one way to make a cake. Same does your journey. Whats your recipe ? Do you need different people as your team support ?

All of these factors of your original plan may change frequently, nothing is set in stone. Reassessing and continue growing is the key for keeping it up to the process.