Q. How long will my assessment take?

A- Usualy one week for the first assessment. It can take up to 3months to get to know you better in terms of what makes you click, things that work best on you.


Q. How will I receive my training program?

A- OUr team use the app True coach for sending the weekly training programs, track your progress and communicate with you within 


Q.What if I dont complete my week of training?

A- this should not be happening if you really care about your goals you need to put it in your top 5 priorities. We understand you can get sick or have a unexpected situation, in that case, complete what you can and pursuit with the following week.

Q. What happens if I get injured?

A- First thing to do is to advise your coach so he can change the structure, movements stimulus of the upcoming week. There is no reason to stop training, only changing things around so you can still improve in other areas of your goals.


Q. Do you guys make nutrition plans ?

A-No we do not. We work with 2 amazing sports nutritionnists as collaborators of our brand.Click here to check em out.