Authentic, organized and optimistic


Guillaume L.Smith

Founder i Head coach

Certifications and experience:

  • Exercise Science Minor at University of Sherbrooke

  • Crossfit level 1

  • Crossfit level 2

  • Crossfit level 3 (cand)

  • Certification Aerobic Capacity

  • International seminars attendance, with Marilou Dozois,Marie Eve beauchemin Nadeau, Mike Boyle, Kevin Carr, Chris Hinshaw.


He has been coaching since 2009, studied in exercise science at the University of Sherbrooke and attended multiple certifications and constantly stays up to date with online education.Passionate about exercising et mostly CrossFit, mountain biking and triathlon training. Orients his practice to all sorts of clientele to help them reach their goalsHe developed his working methods as a unique formula always looking to adapt the information in order to make everyone progress. All his intervention are based on science-based evidence and experience. He loves to stay up today and work with new trends in the market.

I call our clients, athletes because I HATE the word client. We are not only composed of competitive athletes but also various people who desire taking care of themselves, use training as longevity. To make you perform better or just make you feel better in your body.

Let me #SMITHCOACH you.


Jade TD

Physio i Coach

  • Member of l’OPPQ
    (Ordre professionnelle de la physiothérapie du Québec)

  • Membre de l’ACP – division orthopédique
    (Association canadienne de la physiothérapie)

  • Attestation de manipulation articulaire périphérique
    (Ordre professionnelle de la physiothérapie du Québec)

  • Attestation prescription d’examen radiographique en physiothérapie



Accountable, humble and collaborative.

Jade completed a 3 years kinesiology university program at Université de Montréal, also did a bachelor degree in physiotherapy and a master in physiotherapy. She coached gymnastic, running, crossfit, spinning, TRX, functional bodybuilding and specialized classes for the past 15 years. Jade's having multiples formations and stay on top on #evidence based training and rehabilitation approaches. She used to be one of the first #smithcoaching athletes and she's now our main health professional consultant for strength, conditioning and rehab,


Empathetic, truthfull and focused


Laurie TD

Coach i

  • 10 years of experience in gymnastics training

  • 5 years of experience in CrossFit coaching

  • Full time radio oncologiste tech


There are 2 options to success

Make progress


Make excuses…