Online coaching is a mix of a customized training plan and 1-on-1 retroactions online designed to build speed, strength, endurance, flexibility or specifically to suit people that want to improve general fitness. Build a authentic relationship focussed on your development.

– Every athlete is given an individualized program .

Follow the steps bellow


Step 1 l Consultation

  • Book your consultation

  • Meet with a coach

  • Tell us about your goals and past experiences.

  • Learn about our methods


Step 2 l Assessment

  • Download the TrueCoach App and create your profile All accessed on your phone where you receive your workouts of the week.

  • Go through a week of tests of movements and workouts designed specific to identify strength ratios, mobility, capacity, movement efficiency.

  • Log yours results and videos for coaching check ins

  • Receive retroactions from your assigned coach


Step 3 l Training Program

  • Receive weekly workouts based of your assessment and goals.

  • Complete every week of training as prescribed

  • Give and receive writting feedback from your coach

  • Link in your Video for further analysis if desired *recommended


Step 4 l Awareness

  • Monthly call meeting with your coach. *

  • Receive experience guidelines for better lifestyle choice consistency

  • Chat weekly online with your coach

*possible in person for Montreal locations

β€”Hunting for a goal, your dreams is no easy task. But we will walk you through every step.